Unusual Animal Farm Essay Topics For High School

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Animal Farm is an extremely well-known George Orwell novella which examines the complex relationships between human nature and society. Manor Farm is the setting for attaining equality yet it transitions into a group of animals convincing the other to compromise freedom for security. It is a great choice for a junior or senior high school essay.

Here are some unusual topics for an animal farm essay at the high school level:

  • Analyse symbolic elements in the novel ‘Animal Farm’. What do you think was the purpose of this novel?
  • Interpret how hypocrisy plays out in the novel – give specific examples from the text.
  • What do you think is George Orwell’s point of view after reading this novel? How does the narrative contrast or advance his view-point?
  • Are words and phrases powerful? Relate some scenes in the novel to prove your point.
  • Discuss a historical event that reflects how the Animal Farm progresses as a work of literature.
  • Education is an important topic in the novel. How is education perceived by Napoleon – do you agree or disagree with it?
  • What stands out in terms of the animals’ arrangement when they gather to listen to the Major talk?
  • Discuss the changes that take place with regard to weekly meetings in the last year, as the novel plays out.
  • Write an animal farm essay giving a detailed description of the Battle of the Cowshed.
  • What is the motto the Major has? Why is it significant in the novel?
  • Compare the song ‘Beasts of England’ to other rallying and patriotic hymns and songs. Point out a few similarities and differences.
  • How does the idea of a rebellion evolve in the story after Major’s death?
  • Discuss why the farmhouse is an important setting in the narrative – what do the animals do with the house?
  • Elaborate on the windmill controversy – how does Snowball describe it?
  • Snowball is chased away by Napoleon’s dogs. Compare their styles of leadership.
  • How would things be different if Snowball got rid of Napoleon? Take examples from the first five chapters of Orwell’s Animal Farm.
  • Why is it important that Napoleon decides to trade with other farms in the area?
  • Is Napoleon becoming a dictator? What are some of the traits displayed by him once he becomes a leader?
  • Critically evaluate the names of the characters in this novel – what was the author’s intention?
  • Analyse and interpret the poems ‘Beast of England’ and ‘Comrade Napoleon’ – what are their distinguishing features?
  • Elaborate on the whisky incident in the novel – does the author present it in a humorous or serious tone?
  • The subtitle of the novel is ‘A Fairy Story’. Considering the events of the novel, do you think it fits this subtitle?

Looking For A Well-Written Macbeth Essay Example

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A literary essay is never less than two pages and should include tailored statements that are geared towards a cohesive argument. To find a well-written essay on Macbeth is not hard, when you know where to look and what kind of writing style you want guidance on. Skimming through a good quality essay on your topic can help set the foundation for your ideas and give you deeper insight into potential topics.

When it comes to an essay on a famous Shakespearean play like Macbeth, providing background information for the reader is mostly unnecessary as the plot is well-known. Focusing instead on developing your points can go a long way to get you a better grade. Here’s a few places to look when you want essay examples on this work:

Visiting the library in your area

A campus library can be extremely helpful for finding good essays on Macbeth. Librarians can assist you with a list of relevant resources or academic search databases that might be relevant to the play. Academic institutions and other research organizations have special access to popular academic journals or databases. Although libraries on campus have a great essays, you can also check out other libraries for more sources.

Running an online search

Doing a search online can be a great solution for spotting decent essay writing examples on Macbeth. Do some back-end research and plug terms into the search field that will mix up the results and get you a wider variety of websites to check out for essays on the play. You can filter irrelevant web results by specifying search criteria like title, author, topic, etc. Search on academic journal databases and also regular online search – you never know where you may find essay examples that actually help!

Narrow down your keywords with some logic to track down Macbeth essay examples from different sources on the internet such as websites, blogs, journals, academic articles, university papers, etc. The pages you find on search engines can contain a wide range of texts such as informal articles, reports or blogs, so you will need to screen the results for what is relevant.

Talking to your mentor or an expert

Essay examples on Macbeth can be a herculean task for the average student. To look for the right kind of resources on the play, it is not unheard of to approach a mentor for good advice. In case of university level essays, you can also consult department faculty who are experts on this literature. Guidance from someone experienced, can point you in the right direction with regard to locating the right essays. Also, you may place your custom essay order with a reputable writing company online.

What Do You Need To Remember In Order To Buy Essays?

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There are many prewritten options available in the market today if you are looking to buy essay papers. You could also go to a customized essay writing agency or a freelance writer for custom essays online. However, following certain tips can help you find the best deal without any scams.

Ensuring original essay content

An important aspect to look out for when you buy essay online is original content. The simplest way to double check this is by using a plagiarism checker. The academic community considers plagiarism and duplication of content to be a serious offence. Whether you buy a ready-made essay or get an essay tailor made from a writing agency, it is vital that you receive authentic content.

Grammar and spell check

There is nothing like sub-standard grammar and sentence construction to give your essay away. This makes a negative impression on your teacher and also takes away points from your overall grade. In case you buy essay online, make sure to check for these issues beforehand. If it is a writing agency, send the essay draft back to the writer for a rewrite.

A decent essay should have appropriate punctuation in sync with your academic level, and lack major typos. There is greater likelihood of shoddy grammar and spelling when you buy essay cheap. Often, there are more typos due to careless writing or because the essay writer is less qualified.

Having the proper references

Relevant references shape the narrative of your essay, especially at the graduate level. Ideally, when you buy essay online it should have references in-text as well as references at the end of the document. Alternatively, it could also have footnotes. Not giving appropriate credit to other research or academic text is akin to plagiarising others’ work.

Style guide rules

If your essay order is graduate level, it is imperative that the writing fulfils the requirements of a particular style guide such as the Chicago Manual of Style or APA> Make sure to scan the essay for consistency and follow up in case of any errors.

A Collection Of Frankenstein Essay Topics To Consider

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Writing an essay on literary topics can be a tall order, especially when it comes to classics of Romantic and Gothic literature like Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. There are many perspectives one can consider when choosing to write about this novel. Your essay topic of choice must reflect deep insight into the subject of the novel and its major themes.

Typically, a literary essay is written in third person and utilizes formal academic language. Having a clever and unique title is a must when it comes to a successful literary essay or thesis on Frankenstein. Strong vocabulary and word choice is also important to distinguish your essay paper from others.

  • Elaborate on Victor’s learnings during the course of Mary Shelley’s novel ‘Frankenstein’. How does his character evolve through the progression of the novel?
  • In what sense is Victor’s mother a ‘guardian angel to the afflicted’?
  • Reflect on other portrayals of memorable characters such as the creature – e.g. the beast from Beauty and the Beast or Satan from Paradise Lost.
  • What are the notable changes in the novel when it shifts to the creature’s point of view? Is it intended to raise sympathy among readers?
  • Frankenstein is an epistolary novel – describe the features of such a novel.
  • Deliberate on the role of women in Mary Shelley’s era and relate it to Dr. Frankenstein’s inability to connect with the being he created.
  • Examine the symbolism associated with ice as the novel unfolds.
  • How does Victor Frankenstein’s character act as a foil to other characters in the novel?
  • Undertake a critical analysis of alter-egos with regard to Frankenstein and his creature’s portrayal in the novel.
  • What are the chief characteristics of a Gothic novel? Make specific references to Frankenstein.
  • Relate the creature’s character and personality to that of a child – does this comparison make its actions more justifiable?
  • Based on the narrative, does Victor feel any guilt or responsibility for the murders committed? Is it possible that he blames the creature more than himself?
  • What is the purpose of marrying Elizabeth? Is her role necessary in the novel?
  • “Man, how ignorant art thou in thy pride of wisdom!” – what mood does this statement convey? How is this ironic?
  • Evaluate the reasons behind the death of the creature at the end of the novel. How is the choice to end his life connected to Frankenstein?
  • Elaborate on the character of Justine Moritz – is her role as secondary character important?

The Best Tricks to a Persuasive Essay Against School Uniforms

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Persuasive essays are a tool used to discuss one’s opinion on a certain subject. These essays can be difficult to write without the correct strategy. In order to write against school uniforms, one must allow time to research both sides, outline your paper and speak with confidence. This article will discuss these three steps and will aid in creating the best persuasive paper.


It is important to research school uniforms first. Although you have decided that you are against your given persuasive topic, you should research both sides. For example, a topic regarding school uniforms should be researched thoroughly to better understand your stance and argument. This research will allow you to fully understand your position and will aid you in writing a compelling argument. There are various ways to research your topic. You can use the library, the internet, or you may even have some personal experience. Use reputable websites and in-text citations were needed to show the research completed.


After you research your topic properly, now you should outline your paper. Starting with the introduction, introduce your topic and your stance. Describe what you will be discussing. Next, go through your discussion and list your reasoning against the topic. Use your research to back up your opinion. Finally, outline your conclusion which reiterates your stance and also why you feel that way. After this outline is complete, you can start crafting your complete persuasive paper.

Write with Confidence

Using what you now know, go through your outline and write. However, don’t just put the words down on the page. You should write with confidence. Strengthen your argument by using literary tools such as metaphors and hyperboles. Stick with your stance and make it known throughout. It may help to read aloud as if you were giving an argumentative speech. Make changes and edit your paper as needed.
All three of these “tricks” should be used together to form an amazing persuasive paper against school uniforms. You should research your topic, outline your essay and continually speak with confidence throughout your paper. Make sure to stick with your stance and research accordingly. Your opinion matters within a persuasive essay, for the entire paper, is based on it. If you follow these easy guidelines, do your research and write with authority, your stance will shine.

Top Places To Get Well-Written Examples Of A Narrative Essay

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It is a fact that writing a narrative essay is regarded as a very fundamental talent necessary for field research. In a nutshell, instead of merely summarizing things up for the readers, your writing piece must be able to present your significant experiences and as a writer, you must be able to come up with a very sensible conclusion. Take into account that it is important for your composition to guide the readers instead of solely battering them the manner a wordy dissertation would. Through observing such fundamental ideas, you are more likely to enhance your narrative essay.

The good news is that you can always obtain guides on how to get started on your narrative writing piece. It is now easier to look for some ideas regarding your writing task and you don’t even need to consume a lot of time doing so.

Here are a few of the places where you can obtain information, guides, useful ideas and of course well-composed narrative compositions:

  1. Your university library
  2. This is a perfect place where you can surely get lots of ideas about narrative forms of dissertation examples. Typically, outstanding works of former students are displayed in the library so that other students can have them as their guides when working on their writing projects. Professors intentionally leave samples of writing works in the library so students will have something to use when looking for some help in their writing tasks.

  3. Local or public libraries
  4. Such libraries have vast amount of various writing works samples which students, teachers and even professional writers can use as their guide when dealing with different sorts of compositions. For a fact, these are the right places where you can obtain and have the chance to glance at countless of writing work samples without difficulties. Typically, this is where you will have a great number of options to check as compared to school libraries.

  5. Government or private websites that are especially designed for writing various forms of papers and dissertations
  6. Such websites provide useful guides on novice and professional writers. Aside from this, you can also search for various samples of writing works which are commonly written by highly acclaimed and renowned writers. You may also find some beneficial techniques and tips which you can apply when composing your own writing work.

  7. Online writing help services companies
  8. These websites usually offer students some assistance in dealing with their writing projects. Some of them do not ask for fees while some ask for reasonably-priced service charges, just like this unique essay editing service. However, always be vigilant with such websites and research first if the site you chose to deal with is legit and credible. This is for you to ward off any problems that may arise in the future.

Beating Writer’s Block – Essential Essay Tips

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Writer’s block is a condition experienced by everyone, at some stage of their life. The frustration associated with being unable to stop fixating on a problem or thought process can be alleviated quickly and effectively. We have compiled a few easy methods to breathe new life into your writing. Each helps you to clear your mind and focus with new energy and higher levels of concentration.

Multiple Titles

If you are battling to devise the wording and flow of your essay take a moment to restructure and rethink your titles. Inserting many variations of titles for current work completed, or an area that you still plan to write, often helps to overcome the lack of inspiration. Not only will you be completing the titles for your paper effectively, but you will also be changing the point of focus. You help yourself move from a inefficient angle to an unhindered, train of thought.

Don’t Over-think Your Subject

The best essay is not thought out, planned meticulously, word for word. You will find that your best expression comes from your own inner insights, research and ideas formed during brainstorming, research and life. Once you overcome the habit of fussing over minuscule details, you will see how effortless it is to convey your meaning. Any detail of your essay or other writing can be modified during proofreading, or at any other point before completion. Do not allow yourself to get stuck on one or two possibilities that are not fixed in stone.

Keep a Writing Pad

Inspiration is not something that you can measure on a clock. There are times that we are all most productive, varying individually, however a muse can present itself at any time of the day. Always be certain to keep a writing source nearby when out and about. When you arrive at the point of writing your paper you will have a treasure-trove of finite ideas to help you overcome writer’s block. When devising your paper you need to stay original, delivering perspectives that you have formed yourself. Keeping notes is integral to well formed, unique work.

Stuck? Get Some Exercise!

Research shows that short sessions of exercise can help boost mental acuity. If you are struggling with an element of your essay or other assignment, take a break and get outside. As little of ten minutes of heart rate elevation will stimulate your body and mind, allowing you to return to work with new vigor. Once stuck in a particular pattern of thought it can be hard to deviate from your point of focus. By separating yourself from the problem and participating in an athletic act, you will effectively break the broken link. The stimulation and change of perspective allows you to start afresh from exact where you left off.