Unusual Animal Farm Essay Topics For High School

Animal Farm is an extremely well-known George Orwell novella which examines the complex relationships between human nature and society. Manor Farm is the setting for attaining equality yet it transitions into a group of animals convincing the other to compromise freedom for security. It is a great choice for a junior or senior high school essay.

Here are some unusual topics for an animal farm essay at the high school level:

  • Analyse symbolic elements in the novel ‘Animal Farm’. What do you think was the purpose of this novel?
  • Interpret how hypocrisy plays out in the novel – give specific examples from the text.
  • What do you think is George Orwell’s point of view after reading this novel? How does the narrative contrast or advance his view-point?
  • Are words and phrases powerful? Relate some scenes in the novel to prove your point.
  • Discuss a historical event that reflects how the Animal Farm progresses as a work of literature.
  • Education is an important topic in the novel. How is education perceived by Napoleon – do you agree or disagree with it?
  • What stands out in terms of the animals’ arrangement when they gather to listen to the Major talk?
  • Discuss the changes that take place with regard to weekly meetings in the last year, as the novel plays out.
  • Write an animal farm essay giving a detailed description of the Battle of the Cowshed.
  • What is the motto the Major has? Why is it significant in the novel?
  • Compare the song ‘Beasts of England’ to other rallying and patriotic hymns and songs. Point out a few similarities and differences.
  • How does the idea of a rebellion evolve in the story after Major’s death?
  • Discuss why the farmhouse is an important setting in the narrative – what do the animals do with the house?
  • Elaborate on the windmill controversy – how does Snowball describe it?
  • Snowball is chased away by Napoleon’s dogs. Compare their styles of leadership.
  • How would things be different if Snowball got rid of Napoleon? Take examples from the first five chapters of Orwell’s Animal Farm.
  • Why is it important that Napoleon decides to trade with other farms in the area?
  • Is Napoleon becoming a dictator? What are some of the traits displayed by him once he becomes a leader?
  • Critically evaluate the names of the characters in this novel – what was the author’s intention?
  • Analyse and interpret the poems ‘Beast of England’ and ‘Comrade Napoleon’ – what are their distinguishing features?
  • Elaborate on the whisky incident in the novel – does the author present it in a humorous or serious tone?
  • The subtitle of the novel is ‘A Fairy Story’. Considering the events of the novel, do you think it fits this subtitle?

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